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For a limited time, get 15% off annual hosting with WP Engine!

For a limited time, get 15% off annual hosting with WP Engine!

15% off annual subscription on the Personal, Professional, and Business plans.
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Super awesome hosting deal

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I honestly wish I could take advantage of this myself. If you do take advantage of this awesome deal, consider me jealous!

Trade-ins Soar as People Anticipate new iPad Launch!

Are you anxiously awaiting the announcement of a new iPad and hoping to get your hands on one? Are you looking to get cash for your old iPad? Today is the day to trade in your iPad in anticipation of the new iPads being announced. Gazelle is the nation’s leading electronics trade-in site, giving you cash for your old (even broken!) devices. You simply go to their site, get a quote on the trade-in value of your device, pack it up (using the box provided by Gazelle) ship it to them, and they send you money in return! We are excited for the event at Apple next week and to accept your trade-ins as you prepare to purchase a new iPad. Get ahead of the curve by trading in your iPad and visit Gazelle today!

Go to Gazelle today, see what your device is worth!

Want the new iPhone 6? Get some cash for your old one!

Want the new iPhone 6? Get some cash for your old one!

Ah yes, the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are upon us. However, if you’re in the same boat as I am, upgrading now would be a little pricey. Or would it?

I’ve eyed up the new 6 plus. It has a huge 5.5″ screen, 1920×1080 resolution. I’ve looked at it as an “iPad mini – mini”. However, I’ve got a year until my upgrade is available, and I refuse to pay an extra $42 per month (for 20 months) with AT&T’s Next program. And I really don’t care to drop $650 on a new phone, either.

I did a quick quote through Gazelle, and they’re offering $245 for my iPhone 5S ($280 if unlocked) and $110 for my 4S which I still have lying around, gathering dust. Not too shabby!

Lock today’s price for your iPhone, keep it until October 10th at Gazelle!

Beware of this WordPress vulnerability

On July 3rd, MailPoet, (a newsletter plug-in for WordPress), posted about a recent security threat. The threat has been addressed, and an update has been released. This vulnerability made it possible for the attacker(s) to inject all sorts of nasty code on thousands of WordPress installs.

Here’s the scary part. Although this vulnerability was the first point of entry for the exploit, your site doesn’t actually need to have the outdated MailPoet plug-in installed and activated. If you’re on a shared server, and the plug-in is installed on a website you share server space with , it can affect your website.

Whether you were affected by this attack or not, here are a few things you can do to protect yourself (from current and future attacks):

Make sure you have the latest MailPoet Plugin (Version 2.6.9).

Actually, this is good advice regarding any plug-ins and/or themes. If an update is available, chances are it includes a fix. There are a lot of great plug-in developers that do document these fixes, but some don’t.

Find a backup service.

Services like VaultPress offer automated, daily backups. This allows you to quickly and effortlessly restore your beloved data. Plans start for as little as $5 a month. If your WordPress site is a source of income, like mine are, this is a no-brainer! There are a few different companies offering this. However, if you’re looking for a simple backup service, it’s worth giving VaultPress a shot. It’s actually provided by Automattic; you know — the amazing team that makes WordPress 🙂

Get better hosting.

This is a biggie for me. Not only does WP Engine include a backup service as part of their regular hosting plan, they also automatically scan for and fix any hacking attempts on your site for FREE! I’ve personally installed a plug-in that rendered my site useless. Thanks to WP Engine, I was able to restore my WordPress site within minutes. And the backup itself was only a few minutes old, (they prompt you to back up before uploading or updating plug-ins and themes).

Three tools that make SEO easier and your clients happy.

When working with clients, I often get asked “Will you get me on the first page of Google?” This is always a tough one. It’s something that I would never promise. However, there are some  SEO tools  which help put your client on the right track.

WP Engine

There’s a lot of  hosting companies to get your site up and running quickly and inexpensinvely. However, if you’re serious about your site / product(s) / business / blog, I recommend kicking it up a notch. I’ve been using WP Engine for a few years now. It’s inexpensive, reliable, BLAZING fast and has a ton of really great features that just might save you a ton grief, down the road. The support is also superb!


I use WordPress for the majority of  websites I create. It’s quick and easy to install, has boatloads of free and premium plugins.  You can create your own custom plugins. Also, if you use WP Engine as your host, they install a fresh copy of WP for you. Pretty slick, eh?

Over the years, WordPress has become so much more than an amazing blogging software. It’s a powerful content management system. There’s a ton of support documentation and an huge community.

Yoast WordPress SEO

There are a ton of WP plugins to choose from. However, I rarely go without installing Yoast. It’s arguably the best SEO plugin available for WordPress. They also have some really great information on their site.



My first gaming console was an NES. I was 5 or 6 years old. I remember my parents waking me up to show me my early birthday gift. I recall my father being more excited about it than I was, (because I was half-asleep at the time). My Nintendo lasted me until around 1995, when it finally stopped reading the cartridges. A lot of good times were had, within that decade.

Today, my pal Mark Davis started a [close to] daily  project entitled VECT-O-GRAM. His first post is a portrait of the beloved NES controller. Mark’s a cool guy, and a great artist. Check out his latest project and show him some love.


Yesterday, Elina and I stumbled upon the ice skating rink, in Central Park. While we relaxed and watched, I prepared myself for Lindy to come running from the nearby rocks, jump the rail, run across the weathered wood, onto the rink and pick up an unassuming kid to slash the face of the man in the coat!

Off to watch limitless again!

Halloween 2013: Survivors of the apocalypse.

This year, the wife and I dressed up as post-apocalypse survivors. Here’s the two of us together:



On my left arm, I’m wearing a 3D printed Pip-Boy 3000. It is, however, unfinished and far from perfect:

IMAG4219I printed the Pip-Boy on my Replicator 2. If you’re interested in printing your own Pip-Boy, you can find the file here