Fourteen billion years ago, an object no larger than the size of an atom sat floating in the great unknown, until BOOM! One trillionth of a second later, that same atom-sized object expanded to over 180 million miles in diameter. It’s hard to imagine that the entire contents of the known universe used to fit into something so small, we’re still incapable of viewing a clear picture of it, even with our most powerful electron microscopes.

Welcome to the beginning of my blog, Rabid Sample. My name is Chad Youngblut. I am the Chief Technology Officer at First Union Lending – A private alternative lender located in Orlando Florida. I’m also the Chief Executive Web Slinger at RS Web Services – My side hustle and “hobby job.”

I enjoy providing solutions to fellow web designers, developers and like-minded folks interested in development and design. My goal is to use as a place to share tips, tricks, and techniques that I use in my projects. I also plan to share some of the tools I use, and how to get the most out of them. I may also “grace” you with ramblings about the known universe.

There have been many occasions where I’ve spent countless hours searching for solutions to specific problems, and so if I can provide something of use to even one fellow web-slinger – saving them hours of research – I consider that a success.